#19111 | 2021-01-28 Stockholm, Sweden


We are looking for a tester on part time, initially 12 hours per week until beginning of March. The project is a small custom integration of ServiceNow and IdentityNow. This is to enable self-service for users who would like to order license, access, tools online themselves. It cuts time for the users by removing unnecessary waiting time on approvals. There are a list of use cases built around it that we would like to test in order to evaluate the quality.

The team will concist of:
One Developer for ServiceNow
One Developer for IdentityNow
One Project Manager

  • To understand the functionality and the purpose of the project.
  • To verify the use cases and see if they work as intended. The tester would be using those use cases, verifying the functionality and making sure there are no glitches.
  • Identify the incorrect test cases that break the solution and help smoothen it out with the developer.
  • Understand who this service is for and test from that perspective.
  • Collaborating with the developer and communicating regularly.
  • Creating tickets to the developer to fix any inconsistencies.
  • Suggesting better user experience and contributing to that.
  • All this while working with the developer to communicate the findings.
  • Attending weekly standup updates on Friday.
  • Documenting the functionality in parallel.

Qualities of the tester:
  • User experience oriented.
  • Willing to wear the hats of different end users and test from their perspectives.
  • A visual person.
  • Collaborative and a team member.

Part of the self service team: This project started in Q3-Q4 last year. The project is anticipated to complete in Q1, 2021. In the beginning we would walk you through what we have accomplished so far, what we plan to do next. Lastly, the whole picture. So, you know what you are working with. It's a small project with a big impact.

Hours: 12 hours a week / 30% time till end of February/ early March.

Start: Now
Varaktighet: Early March 2021
Arbetsort: Stockholm, Sweden
Krav: 30% time till end of February/ early March.
Typ av jobb: Frilansare

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